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move mindfully - breathe deeply - rest your mind. 

That's our focus for your Corporate Yoga and Meditation Sessions. 

Being in the Corporate Environment myself for over 12 years, I know and see the specific needs in that environment and will approach your employees in a friendly and authentic way.  

I will gently guide your people through a simple Yoga practice or Meditation and will pick them up where they need it, not only physically, but also on a mental level, allowing them to feel the full benefits of each posture or breathing exercise. The benefits are for both sides - employee and company:

  • practice Mindfulness for Stress reduction and relaxation

  • regular practice will help to focus & concentrate better which leads to better productivity

  • better posture & healthier habits

  • motivated and happy in life & at work 

I offer

  • Corporate Group Yoga Sessions

  • Corporate Meditation Sessions 

  • Meditation and Yoga Sessions at your event/workshop 

  • Executive Private Session 

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